Friday, December 14, 2012

Sugarloaf Update 12/14/12

Strait from the site:

Things are really kicking into gear here at Sugarloaf this week. It looks like cold temperatures are going to work their way back into the mountains this evening, and snowmakers will be back at work on a slew of trails tonight, including Haywire, Spillway, Whiffletree, and Widowmaker, among others. 

Coverage is looking good on Ramdown and Spillway Crosscut, and if all goes well with snowmaking on Whiffletree overnight, we could be skiing on the east side by tomorrow. Patrol will be scoping out the situation first thing in the morning, so be sure to check in with us bright and early. Snowmaking will still be in progress on Whiffletree tomorrow, and we'll wait to open the Whiffletree lift until snowmaking is finished and groomers are able to till things out.

Tomorrow we're looking at temps in the teens and low 20s, with mostly sunny skies. Snow surfaces have held up particularly well as of late, remaining hard packed and easily edgeable, and you can expect more of the same tomorrow after groomers hit everything tonight.

Look for 28 trails and six lifts tomorrow morning; ticket prices are $59 for adults, $49 for teens, and $39 for juniors and seniors.

And not to jump the gun, but forecasts are looking better and better all the time for a good shot of natural snow early next week.

The Widowmaker Lounge is the spot to be this weekend, with Good Company set to play Friday and Saturday, before opening for Paranoid Social Club on Saturday night.

And if you're a Maine resident, you can ski for just $29 this Sunday (December 16), thanks to the second annual Maine Ski Day, presented by The Bank of Maine . Just show proof of Maine residency at the ticket desk and receive a $29 ticket, $20 rental, or a $39 learn to ski or ride package.
Zoom Rooms- Don't forget you only have until December 24th to take advantage of Sugarloaf's all new Zoom Rooms, where you can get prepaid lodging in the palm of your hand. So the next time you don't feel like leaving, you don't have to.

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